The greatest revolt in Dutch history

2016, Belasting & Douane Museum,
The Netherlands



The exhibition Opstand! [‘Insurrection!’] shows how taxation played a role in the Eight Years War (1568-1648). The war began when the Seventeen Provinces rebelled against Spain and the Duke of Alva’s harsh rule. Alba wanted to take over the levying of taxes by introducing the Tiende Penning - the ‘tenth penny’ - a sort of VAT at a rate of 10%. The rebellion grew into a struggle for independence in which propaganda was as powerful a weapon as the artillery on the battle field. The period is illustrated with unique pieces from the collection and loans from elsewhere in the Netherlands and abroad. Alva’s richly decorated suit of armour is one of the top pieces in the exhibition.


Design and handwork


Opstand! Het grootste belastingoproer uit de Nederlandse geschiedenis. 2 april t/m 11 september